fashionalert911 (fashionalert911) wrote,

Hey sucked too. I think my friend is still mad at me. No one has called me to hang out in the past....i dont even know.....i went home sick today and the nurse is such an idiot. Chris doesnt even talk to me.....great. I have no boyfriend and no one likes me....wonderful.

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    Alright well... Friday- I went into school early becuase i was so tired from the night before becuase i had vioin practice and i had it till like…

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    Hey everyone...if ya'll didnt know well im going out with Zave! He's sooooo cute! i love this kid! lol welll anyway i went to the b~ball game at…

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    Okay well me and chris r over. I still realy like him and hel ikes me a lil. He also kinda likes delilah but i dunno ....wwll comment and tell me…

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