fashionalert911 (fashionalert911) wrote,

Alright well...

Friday- I went into school early becuase i was so tired from the night before becuase i had vioin practice and i had it till like nine o clock at i went into school late. I also wanted to study for my math test which i didnt have to take becuase Mrs. Fratto wasnt even in school that day....uh it sucked..but at least my hair looked good.That night I went to Lauras party which was really really fun!!! i had such a good time! I took like 5 rolls of and i was like allergic to their cat...but it was sooo cute...haha dating on demand was my former life i was Cleoptra..lmao  H APPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!

Today- i left Lauras at like 10 to go to church cuz lady i know just died and it was like a memorial mass for her....and then i read all day which is pretty retarted but whatever... idc

Anyways gotta go and ill ttyl...comment!






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